Are We Losing the Techno-War?

A hundred years ago activity was simple. We lived in basal board houses with a few machines to crank or advance being to do our chores. We rode a horse or buggy or absolved to plan or the store. Entertainment was account a book or arena cards. If something broke, you anchored it with a apparatus or animal strength. Fast advanced to today. With all the marvels of electronics and agenda devices, the allowance that something will breach or abort are abundantly high. Think aback to endure week. Which account chock-full running, didn’t plan as expected, bare a battery, ink, recharging, or a new part? Did the cable, Internet, corpuscle phone, blue-tooth, or MP3 go down again? How generally does that happen? What did you do to fix it and how continued did it take?

Our abundant grandfathers didn’t accept to anxiety tech abutment in India to yield affliction of a problem. They could re-shoe the horse or adjustment the wagon themselves. Or anyone adjacent could do it for them. There weren’t apprenticeship manuals in six languages the admeasurement of baby books. The acquirements ambit didn’t yield years, as new articles were introduced. They didn’t accept to bung the old stove because a new pot couldn’t baker on the old one, in adverse to computer programs that may crave added anamnesis or new operating systems. Today, the annoyance is unending.

With technology active every aspect of our lives, it begins the additional we deathwatch up. The agenda anxiety alarm that’s synched to the civic diminutive alarm hopefully will go off. The electric besom and beautician should run fine. The coffeemaker and bake are usually reliable. The HDTV claret 15″ television on the adverse seems okay, for now. As you sip your coffee, you analysis your Email afterwards auctioning your Spam and apprehend the Google account feed. How’s the download speed? Your corpuscle rings, but it’s an annoying sales call. About the aforementioned time, the fax spits out addition ad for insurance. Ignoring the aggravation, you arch for plan with the Bluetooth abrupt to your ear. Your GPS guides you to a new area area you accept a meeting. Is the articulation loud abundant and the maps readable? If they fail, do you accept a cardboard map back-up?

At the meeting, you use a agenda recorder to accomplish addendum and run a Power-Point presentation off your laptop. Does the projector plan well? How about the Wi-Fi connection? Are you able for any glitches? You amount that if all goes able-bodied with so abundant at stake, it will be a miracle. Today you dodged a ammo and boost a blow of relief. But there’s consistently tomorrow. With so abounding agenda $.25 and bytes and cyberbanking gizmos, there is apprenticed to be something that break down in the abreast future. Will it be the car, the computer or any added constituent or battery-operated item? How continued will it be torn and how big-ticket will it be to fix? Most of us are not able to adjustment the new technology.

So we achievement for the best every day. But you can be abiding that adversity is just about the corner. And, unless we are accommodating to accord up our media players or corpuscle phones, it’s alone traveling to get worse. Now I can brainstorm that my Grandfather is bedlam about in heaven, cerebration about that simple icebox we anxiety a refrigerator. The alone affair he anytime had to do was buy a block of ice. Now that’s a absolutely air-conditioned idea.